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They (the weather folks) are predicting up to 20 cm of snow this weekend. So far there has been so little snow, we've hardly known it is winter.

2019 marks the 57th Anniversary of TURF KING.

Sign up for a lawn care program- keep your lawn healthy and green. Improve your neighbourhood. Conserve the value of your home. Enjoy  the pride of ownership of a great looking yard.

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304 program- 5 visits- includes spring, summer and fall fertilizer and up to 4 treatments for the weeds.

Turf King 57th Anniversary Savings

Lawns are waiting for spring- just like the rest of us.

Wintery Lawn

There are many benefits to having a lawn- Here is a nice chart from the Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation.

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Recently got a request asking for a quote

The comment says their "neighbour uses your lawn care services and their grass is amazing"

grass is amazing



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