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Someone askes
John is looking for a product to kill only clover in our lawn.
He has a sprayer and has tried Weed Be Gone which was ineffective.
Is there a better product you know of that will do the trick?

Gerry Says
Clover is or can be a problem with lawn care today
50 or more years ago- when 2,4-D was first invented- it did not kill clover- and people would put clover in the lawn on purpose.
It did help to keep lawns green by fixing Nitrogen out of the thin air and adding it to the soil
When 2,4-D was improved with an additive to control a broader range of weeds- clover was in the list - now clover was declared to be a weed.
Now some researchers have developed new strains of clover- Micro-clovers that grow a bit shorter and are more compatible with lawns.
Weed-b-gon, Fiesta and other similar products used by lawn care companies do not do a good job on clover. Treatments will cause the edges of the leaves to die- turn brown- but that does not consistently kill off the clover.
Clover is not used in lawns by itself as it has the problem of dying out every so often. So the patch of clover here today may disappear tomorrow or next year. Certainly being weakened by Fiesta iron can play a part in making in disappear. But there is no consistency in how or when it will happen.
There is no legal product that can be used on lawns for clover removal only- assuming that if the dandelions go that one would not be disappointed.
Only on a golf course could one use products that will control cover.
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