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Writing to a friend overseas, Horace Walpole said, "Spring has set in with its usual severity." That was in England two hundred years ago, but the comment could well apply here, most any year and most any place.

During the winter we look forward to spring with eagerness. We anticipate the warmer, longer days and all the blessings of Nature's new year. And what happens? It snows some more. Winds blow harder than ever. It pours with rain. Or it doesn't and we get a drought. Somehow, we insist, spring has been derailed. This one is abnormal.

But it isn't. The abnormal is really the normal -- and we know it. The bulbs and the birds know it. So we get on with all the things that have to be done, from cleaning the house to feeding the lawn, in confidence that we shall be fully rewarded. As usual.

What about the groundhog? Didn't he predict something unpleasant this time around? If he did, be reassured by this little clipping sent in by one of our readers. "Before anyone gets upset about the weather on Groundhog Day, just remember that a groundhog is a woodchuck who couldn't make it on his own and set himself up as a consultant."

Have a nice, normal Spring!


Clean up. Remove matted tree leaves (they smother grass), twigs and other interfering debris.

Cut off old grass. An early mowing removes brown blades so more sunshine can reach plant crowns, thereby triggering early lawn green-up.

Overseed thin areas. Sowing grass seed early into an existing lawn permits the earliest possible germination, and gives the grass maximum time to develop this spring.

Feed the grass. Make sure there's enough nutrients to promote sturdy spring root growth and thicker greener topgrowth.

Help prevent crabgrass. If crabgrass was a problem last year, consider applying products to reduce crabgrass germination.

Help the soil breathe. Core aerating the lawn opens up spaces in the soil to allow grass roots to spread and grow. Healthy grass roots means a healthier, greener lawn.

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Adapted from Lawn Care Canadian Edition 1979 by the O.M. Scott & Sons Co.

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