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Once a Season Fertilizer

The lawn care industry has worked hard to promote regular fertilizer applications throughout the season in order to adequately feed your lawn through all seasons.

Many homeowners will fertilize their lawns in the spring when they are reminded to do so by the advertising that is prevalent at that time of year. Then lawn care disappears from their focus until the next year. Some folks have graduated to feeding their lawns spring and fall.

At Turf King, we have promoted 3 or 4 fertilizers spaced throughout the season to provide your lawn with nutrients at the appropriate times. We even said 4 fertilizers are better than 3.

SO now we're telling you to fertilizer only ONCE A YEAR.

Well Not exactly.

Fertilizer technology has advanced to the point where it is possible to produce fertilizer pellets that are coated with a polymer that can be designed to last for various lengths of time.

The nutrients are then released to the plants slowly over the whole season. 

While our standard fertilizer products are higher in slow release content than most retail products, our Season long fertilizer product contains an even higher percentage of slow release product. These fertilizer granules that will last for 45 days, 75 days, 120 days and 180 days. 

The product is applied heavier than normal. The product is more costly and the single application involves a slight increase in labour costs. 

On the whole the cost is less than 3 or 4 applications throughout the season.

In many instances, there is value in having the treatments spread out over the season. The lawn care technicians can evaluate the lawn and check for any problems or potential issues. The customer may feel better looked after with more visits.

On smaller lawns, an application of fertilizer does not take very long and so the cost savings are not as significant on small lawns.

On larger lawns, the labour cost of applying the second, third or fourth application of fertilizer can be saved and applied to the higher cost of the season long fertilizer.

 Quality Turf King Fertilizer

We have been pleased with the results that we have seen with this product. 

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