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In  the 7th edition of the "Turf Management Report" sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Pam Charbonneau reports on:



New on the insect front this week are European chafer flights.  They began roughly a week ago and were pretty much right on time.  Flights have been heavy all week. I have spent roughly a half hour every night over the last week at dusk observing the adult emergence and flights.  I really should get a life.   I think people are surprised at how many adults are flying, but that is usually the situation in a wet year.  The grubs were there, but there was very little turf damage.


Here at Turf King we received an email from someone who has been seeing adult flights as well.


Turf King has been using Fiesta weed control . Check out these 'before' and 'after' photos on a lawn treated a short while ago.

Fiesta weed control before and after photos. First photo was taken June 15th, before treatment.

Second photo, June 23rd. Not perfect but such a huge difference.

Fiesta Weed Control Pics

This morning found some yellow patches on the lawn. Further investigation confirmed that this is slime mould.

"This disease does not infect grass tissues. It feeds on bacteria and decaying organic matter. It will not harm turfgrass. As soon as continuous sunny dry weather occurs, the disease will disappear. Light raking or disruption by brushing will hasten its eradication. No fungicidal control is necessary. Hope this info helps."
Thanks, Chuck

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