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Weeds are the scourge of the lawn enthusiast's existence, and weeds inevitably always seem to be the most out of control along the edges of a lawn. Why is that? Well, most lawn weeds are air pollinated and depend on wind to spread their seeds around a vast area. For example, dandelions form seeds that are airborne puff balls that can blow apart in the slightest breeze and travel across sidewalks and driveways to plant themselves in a previously weed-free stretch of lawn. The edges of a lawn are the closest access points to weed-filled lots and they are the first place that weed seeds will land, consequently the edges of a lawn always seem the worst. 

Weeds are worse along the edge of the driveway
There are a few things that the lawn owner can do to help. Proper care and quality fertilization of the lawn allows grass to grow stronger and healthier and out-compete the weeds. Not driving over the edges of your lawn, keeping the edges well trimmed, and adding extra grass seed to the edges will all help to keep the weeds at bay. 

Simple solutions won't make the problem go away. Products like Fiesta Weed Control aren't powerful enough to take down the tough taproots of a plant like dandelions and the weeds will eventually come back. For total lawn renewal using a product like Fiesta Weed Control, you would have to spend lots of time and energy reapplying weed killing products and even hand weeding out the roots. 

But it doesn't have to be that way. Professional lawn care companies take special care to treat these parts of your lawn to ensure that weed seeds can't take root. Turf King Lawn Care will give you the professionalism you need to deal with your problem spots. They have a reputation of being lawn care experts that can make the grass around the edges of your lawn healthier and stronger. Book a consultation with Turf King today and get ready to be amazed at the difference of health in your lawn.


written by: lydia.noyes

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