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The other day, someone mentioned that he wasn't able to find the place to make an online payment. Sorry that we have failed to give you all the necessary information. The online payments option is not something that is done within our Turf King site.

By online payments, we mean that you can make a payment to your account through the major Canadian banks and through the Credit Union association. Go to your bank or credit union site, log in with your user name and password. Look for the Bill Payment section. Most often you will have to add "Turf King Hamilton"" as a biller. Use your 10 digit account number for this purpose.Then go through the steps of making a payment from your bank or credit union account.

By the way when you call the office, please say "This is Mary Jones or Bill MacDonald." Don't say "This is account number 1234 5678 90." We prefer to talke to Mary or Bill, or Mrs Smith, not a number. The account number is mainly for the internet banking. Even when trying to find your information, we can usually find it just as fast with your name as we can by using your account number. Plus it's so much easier to remember and use your name than a string of digits.

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