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Lawn Wanna Be

This is the backyard of a fairly new home in one of Hamilton's suburbs. The homes behind have a lawn already, but here it is just mud, snow and more mud. The winter came too soon for the lawn to be installed last fall. 

So, the mud and snow are waiting for an extreme makeover to be done by the builder.

Now the kids and pets are anxiously peering out the window in hopes that a carpet of green will soon appear. They are anxious for a chance to get some fresh air and sunshine. Their parents don't want them playing in the street- besides, with all the new construction still going on, parts of the streets are almost as muddy as the back yard.

Lawn care experts are predicting a later than normal spring, so it may be a while before the young are rolling on the lawn instead of squishing through the mud. 

Mothers are keeping the washing machines on standby- the detergents at the ready. But are muddy socks better than grass stains on the knees? 

*To be read whilst listening to the song " The Green Green Grass of Home"

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