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Thank you for your email.  I'm not quite sure what treatments I would need for my lawn.  I've attached a few pictures for your review. There are definitely weeds, as well as little blue/purple flowers (growing in the middle of the lawn) and then just patches with little to no grass. Can you please advise if the prices you previously sent me would still be relevant to fix this? 
Thank you again for your time/help!

What kind of lawn care do I need?


What kind of lawn care do I need?

What kind of lawn care do I need?

What kind of lawn care do I need?


Thanks for the photos
The lawn seems to have some bare patches and a lot of difficult weeds.
The purple blue flowered weeds are difficult to eradicate with the organic products- they were hard with the good stuff. 
Renovating by sodding would seem to be a quick fix, but I have talked to people who replaced the sod because of creeping charlie and because of the seed and/or roots left in the soil, the weed was still there - or came back - a few months after the sodding.
It is likely that you had some insect problems in the past- grubs, chinch bugs or both. The insects damage the lawn- then it is much easier for the weeds to get a hold when the lawn is thinned out.
First step is to get a lawn care program that includes a process to get some grass back so that the weeds have less opportunity to grow.
There are several ways to seed a lawn.
For us we usually use aeration/overseeding.
We would suggest the following lawn care program - three fertilizers, 4 weed treatments including a blanket treatment, aeration/overseeding.
That would be the basics, Then keep an eye on the lawn to see if insects develop during the summer, late summer. Treatments may be need to be added and paid for at that time
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