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Lawns look best with the proper amount of fertilizer and nutrients to keep them healthy and looking good.

If they are under fertilized, they will have poor colour. The green will not be rich. The grass will not look lush. Lawn care programs should feed the lawns with just the right amount. 

If the lawn receives too much nutrients, the lawn can be burnt by the excess nitrogen.

Too much or too little fertilizer- lawn care problem

This lawn shows large areas of under nourished grass. Then there are several patches where the lawn has been burnt by excess nitrogen. And in between, the lawn is nice and green.

So- any guesses as to why this looks like this?

This lawn is in a park- where the general lawn areas are not fertilized. But the nearby residents walk their dogs along here. Guess what happens.

Some areas are burnt by the excess urea in the pet urine. But some areas respond by taking in the nutrients and greening up. 

Make sure your lawn care program is supplying your lawn with the right amount of fertilizer- not too little and not too much. And a fertilizer applied in a haphazard way can also burn your lawn. Let the professionals take the guess work out of your lawn care. Then you can relax and enjoy your weekend doing the things you enjoy.

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