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Patti ( a long time Lawn Care customer) says she always had problems with the lawn at the end of her driveway. It was always thinner, weaker and more weedy.

I recommended that she seed the lawn to increase the density, to thicken it up to help keep the weeds and crabgrass from taking hold.

She has done a great job of seeding.

Lawn Edges -hard to get Lawns to Grow


But when I was there, I happened to put my Fiskars Tool into the soil there to help loosen it up a bit. However, the tool hit gravel 3-4 inches below the surface.

It seems to me that, in spite the automatic sprinklers, this patch is likely to continue to be a problem area, The gravel was likely there from when the sidewalk or the driveway was being constructed, installed or paved. The lawn would do better with some good soil of a reasonable depth. Gravel will not hold the moisture. It will also heat the soil in the summer making it harder to grow a decent patch of lawn.

Lawn Edges -hard to get Lawns to Grow

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